Ever feel like...

... You know you can do this, but are frustrated with why you are not putting yourself out there?

... You're sick and tired of letting fear be in the driving seat?

... You're comfortable where you are at, but you know it isn't serving you?

... The unknown looks mighty unfamiliar, but you know you have to go through it?

...The last time you stepped out, you were disappointed and just do not want that again?

... you don't know what you need, but know you need something!

You recognise it's time to get brave!

  • You're so done with allowing perfect to rule your road map of life!

  • You are over procrastination and making excuses for not shifting!

  • You are so ready to live a life of passion and LOVE every minute of it!

Ladies, ALL my ladies, I urge you to get and read this amazing and empowering ebook from the fabulous Dannielle!


As I read every single word, I could connect. Every single section, I could relate and it kicked me up the butt. It was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend my fellow female leaders investing in this book.


These 10 steps will not only inspire you, but get you physically moving in your courage!

This Ebook will

  • Inspire you through real life stories

  • Encourage you to process your own courageous moments

  • Help you dig deep and see the truth about your own boldness

  • Challenge you to take physical steps of courageous activation

Meet the author, Dannielle.

Dannielle Lecointe-Mosca is an Empowerment Coach, who is set on encouraging you to activate your courage!

In 2018, after suffering a burn accident Dannielle uses story to inspire you to share yours.

You may find it difficult to even believe some of the experiences, but you sure will strengthen your courageous muscle to speak you truth.

Let's raise the Boldness

show them what they can learn

Let's do this!