How to build a vision you're excited to create

...without the imposter syndrome.

You are made for abundance, it's time to stop living below your potential.

The truth is, you know deep down inside that you were made for big things,

things that light you up and get you excited about about living.

Whether it's to start a business,

step up in your career or bring more love, peace and joy to your life.

It's time to get clear on what you want and not hold back!

You may be asking...

Is it really possible to enjoy your life and make money doing what you love?

To not live questioning whether your idea's are good enough?

To stop feeling confused about how to build what you desire?

BUT just maybe, you're ready to stop believing the lies and actually get clarity on want you want?

It's time to play BIG

When I started my business, I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to serve women, but I couldn't shake the vision to ignite purpose and empower them to be who they are called to be.

Maybe someone make you feel like...

Your vision is too big, that you have too many ideas and so, it's going to be impossible to build what you want.

You don't deserve to have the things you desire and so you have lost self confidence and now live like you're settling.

Your dreams will fail, because in this world; everyone else's does. And so now you're now playing small thinking that it is safe.



I've created a course with the exact tools IO started with and I promise, this will ignite an unstoppable passion into a life you are excited to create.

Hey Queen,

I'm Dannielle

Creative Mindset Success Coach.

Queen-Preneur & Choreographer.

I was told I was the "the nearly girl, who shouldn't get her hopes up as it's likely not to work out for me"

After struggling through the creative industry for more than 2 decades, I was hit with severe burns on my hand a face which led me to get still enough to listen to my heart and step into the fullness of my calling.

In 2018 I intentionally began retraining my money mindset and launched my business IMPower Her. I built connections, brand collaborations and worked with 20 creatives to shift their mindset in the first month.

I have been feature in Empowering Boss Life Magazine, One Dance Magazine, Rich Woman Magazine and Sister Magazine. We hit 5 figures in 5 months and built a team that would be as serious as me about your results.

Now, I work with women who have a passion to create a life that they, their children

and those they impact are proud of them for.

And sweet friend!

I want to give you my 4 steps to getting clear on your vision so that you can make an impact!

I'm going to show you how to clarify your vision and start making impact.

just imagine

If you could get the results you want, in half the time you expect and know the steps you need to build the dream life you want!

Keep reading!

you can have it all

Have clarity around the idea you want to achieve and... in less than 90 minutes!

Discover the hidden gold of your ideas and dreams, in only 4 steps.

Have peace, knowing that you are finally taking action.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is where your life changes. It's time to build actionable steps and attainable results.



That means knowing what you want, being able to communicate what you want and being able to prioritise you want. I will walk you through my blueprint to understanding exactly how to lay out your vision.


I'm going to help you to define the starting point and discover the first earner to bring more money into your life, through your OWN vision. Yes! You have money earning ideas within you!

What if you had something that could take the guess work out of things and could stop you questioning whether things are possible...

  • By using content you can absorb in a day.
  • With worksheets that support your idea .
  • Using practises that you can implement right away.

All by someone that has helped people make their vision a reality in an pandemic!

Let me introduce you to...


What you'll get...

4 Workbook Modules and 4 Video trainings plus summary training video.




In this workbook and video training, we'll look at all your talents, skills and gifts. We'll get super clear on what it is you want to be doing vs what you want to kick to the curb.



Module 2 and video training is all about understanding the benefits of your vision and just how important it is for YOU to bring it into the world. As well as the super power that you have (ok some people call it your niche).



In this module and video training, you will develop that one way to serve your sphere of influence, develop that one product or service; in alignment with your vision and solve a problem for them whilst creating an income revenue for you.



This module and video training will support you in laying out your plan to physically get into action and set goals across a 90 day period to continue to advacne and grow.

The Vision Glow UP

How to create clarity and financial opportunity around your vision.

TOTAL VALUE = (£387)

Today's Price = £8

So you're in!

You've just gained....

Joy, because finally you are in alignment with what you

want to achieve.

Relief, because you have more time for your goals and they

are in place and achievable.

Excitement, because you can physically see and feel the abundance of your incredible vision

Your glow up, because you've entered a

higher level of creative flow.

Whoop Whoop!

Here's what they said


'I felt the stretching of my capacity to grow and learn new skills. Dannielle's formula imparts wisdom and strategy in a way that is both inspirational and practical.


'I tapped into thinking much bigger than I ever have before. It helped me see what I want in the future and has changed my life. I believe everyone should do this course whether you have a vision or not. It will help you find the gold with in you.'


'My self doubt got in the way and stopped things from happening. But thanks to Dannielle and her methods, my vision is clear, future is bright and dreams are taking action.'

So you're holding back

Look, I know you might be saying..

What if it doesn't work..

What if it does work

I'm afraid

I can't afford this.


Can you really afford to repeat the cycle of searching for the hidden treasure without the map?

The Vision Glow Up

How to create clarity and financial opportunity around your vision.

  • 4x Module Play-books worth £100
  • The Vision Expansion technique £197
  • Goal Planning training £90

TOTAL VALUE = (£387)

Today's Price = £8

you asked

Here are a few answers to some questions you might have.

I don't have the time to get this done

The Vision Glow Up is a mini course that wants you to find the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable way level up, into the best version of yourself. You can work through it confidently in around 90 mins, or work through it in 7 days. Either way you're going to glow up.

I don't have the money to start building my vision

So £37 pounds equates to you eating out a few times a week, that outfit you bought for the Christmas party, or maybe the accumulative on a few small purchases. But what if it could be the purchase that drives your vision for life. So, what's your vision worth?

How will the course be delivered

The Glow up is served to you on an online platter. Basically a my online treasure box which you will receive your own personal log in and password. Once it hits your inbox, you can log straight in an access the video trainings. All served as bite sized, easy to digest content. Along with downloaded about play books that you can fill in straight on your device or print and write in. (if you like a bit of pen and paper like me)


The overwhelming sense of peace, gratitude and excitement from implementing this proven formula, that you can walk through in 90 minutes and begin touching the gold you've been dreaming of for so long?

oooooo, feeeeel it!

Let's glow up and show UP!

TOTAL VALUE = (£387)

Today's Price = £8


I grew up in East London, a girl with big dreams who was often made to feel different, like what she saw was impossible. Being bullied in school, misunderstood or unsupported for wanting to do big things sure did hurt but it made me resilient, made me push healthy boundaries and become diligent at loving people as best as I can.

My parents told me not to put all my eggs in one basket, but I'm sorry to say I did. I committed to creating opportunities that will help world changers like you, be the best you can be and create vision that fulfils purpose; and because of that commitment to your vision, this is what I'm going to do...

If you are NOT inspired to build your vision once completing this course, I will give you full refund.

One thing I did take from my parents was, to be authentic, straight up and real!